What are the advantages of using a chatbot for your SME?

Do you know about chatbots? Just like virtual assistants such as Siri, Cortana or even Google Assistant, chatbots are tools endowed with Artificial Intelligence at the service of your customers. Contrary to what one might think, chatbots are not a recent invention, but have been around the web for several years.

Today, they are more and more present in our daily lives.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot, also known as a conversational agent, is software capable of interacting with customers and prospects and of simulating a conversation like a human being. This word is formed from “chat” which designates an online discussion and from “bot” for robot.

The advantages of a chatbot for your SME

Interactions with the customer, automation of tasks, reminders. One of the advantages of the chatbot is that it allows you to do more things than a simple email or a marketing automation tool. Often used for customer service, the benefits of setting up such a tool are numerous for SMEs and VSEs. Here are 8.

  1. It automates customer service

Chatbots are primarily used to answer user questions or help them find specific information. If the customer is faced with a more complex problem that cannot be solved by the chatbot, then the chatbot will direct them to the appropriate service.

  1. It offers a 24/7 response

Customers who ask their question through live chat expect an instant response. This use to be what a chatbot offers. No queues and prompt response day or night. You meet the expectations of your customers as quickly as possible. What to leave a good impression!

  1. It boosts sales

Your customers can order your products directly through your chatbot. They no longer need to call you or search your website for long. They just have to ask what they want and the chatbot will find it for them. Thus, the sales process is simplified and faster and the customer experience is greatly improved.

  1. It can effect purchasing decisions

You can turn your chatbot into a personal assistant. The latter then interacts with the future customer and asks him questions in order to target his preferences, offer him personalized advice and offer him products that he may like. So each of your customers has their own shopping assistant, without costing you more time and money.

  1. He takes care of the payment

Now, chatbots can directly integrate the majority of existing payment solutions. This helps to make the sales process easier and faster. Above all, the customer stays on your page and he is not referred to another site to pay for his purchase.

  1. It helps you get to know your customers better

The chatbot will allow you to collect various information about your current and potential customers. In this way, you will know your customers better and you will be able to communicate in a more personal and relevant way, to offer them personalized offers and to better target your marketing campaigns to have a real impact.

  1. It increases customer engagement

How? ‘Or’ What? Thanks to the elements mentioned above: the chatbot helps you advance your awareness of customers, it allows you to offer them a modified route, to provide them with a personalized offer and efficient customer service. In this way, you maximize the customer’s experience with your brand and bet on their satisfaction. A satisfied customer will more easily engage with your business.

  1. He is never stressed

Customer service is a difficult job. Responding to unhappy, furious, and even outright angry customers all day can be very demanding. Employees who are stressed out will perform less successfully, which can have an influence on client satisfaction and your company’s reputation.


Correctly programmed and effectively integrated into the customer journey, the use of a chatbot can be beneficial for your business as well as for your customers. Responsive, the chatbot provides an immediate response and a 24-hour service, freeing up time so that your teams can focus on tasks offering greater added value.

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